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December 2022 - Winners

Updated: Dec 27, 2022

Cine Fern Online Film Festival is Happy to announce the Winner films of the Month December 2022.

Each month, our team selects the winners through private screenings. Which are nominated for Film of the Month award. All finalists will qualify for the annual Live Online festival.(Once a year, in May, we showcase the top rated short films online.)

Best Short Film

  • Autonomous | Birgitta Liljedahl, Therése Neaimé, Henrik Norman, Anna Brixter

Best Feature Film

  • "medèn à gan" NOTHING BEYOND MEASURE | Alessandro Vantini

Best Feature Screenplay

  • Templin Highway | William Prosser

Best One Minute Duration Film

  • FilmTrips - "Bill Hayward's The American Memory Project - Warhol's DREAM AMERICA" | Bill Hayward

Best Documentary Film

  • Savage Land | Campbell Dalglish, Dr. Henrietta Mann

Best Comedy Film

  • School of Idiots by Sheldon Mashugana | Dean Morgan

Best Crime Film

  • The Case | Patrick House

Best Horror Film

  • Killer Sponge | David Zagorski

Best Mobile Film

  • Repast + Gossip | Kostiantyn Mishchenko

Best TV Pilot

  • The Case | Patrick House

Best Music Video

  • Walk Into the Water | Aric Johnson

Best Women Filmmaker

  • Butterfly Boxing | Joslyn Rose Lyons

Best Man Filmmaker

  • Straight From Hell The Movie (2017) | Michael Anthony Bosby

Best First Time Director

  • Kumaresan collector | NIVAS ADITHAN

Best Director

  • De Nada | Sheridan Philipp

Best Women Director

  • a quiet con·triv·ance film by Jennifer Scully-Thurston (c) 2022 USA | Jennifer Scully-Thurston

Best Editor

  • De Nada | Sheridan Philipp

Best Screenwriter

  • Bad Love Tigers | Kevin Schewe

  • A Hellish Trip | Carmen Silva

Best Sound Designer

  • For the Greater Good | Michael Gavino

Best Actor

  • Butterfly Boxing | Hill Harper

Best Actress

  • un·fixed still life of Dolly S. Dalí... a micro epic | Jennifer Scully-Thurston

Jury Special Award

  • Break The Chains | Rita Weyls

Best Screenplay

  • BRICKBAT | Mark Donnell

Jury Special Award

  • ANJELA | Vilma Kartalska


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