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Interview With Mr. Bouhaïk Winner of Cinefern Film Award and Competition

UNTIL DAWN - Yin Chapitre a Film Written, Directed and Produced by Mr. Bouhaïk won Best Web Series award at Cinefern Film Award and Competition's September 2019.

UNTIL DAWN - Yin Chapitre. Poster

The Film is about « Strange phenomena have occurred following the fire of the Institute of Biomedical Research of the Armies, Max tells us his version of the facts. »

Musician from an early age, passionate about sound and cinema,

he joined the ENSATT Son technician section and then follows the curriculum of Xenakis « Computer Music and composition ».

In 1990, he worked for several years in the theater (creation of soundtrack).

In 1997, he began a career as a composer and sound engineer in music (Produced several albums, film music …).

In 2008, he turned to video editing and made several recordings and montage for various companies.

In 2016, he directed his first short films and cinematographic workshops .

In 2020, 6 shorts films and 3 co-productions, and more than 100 awards/mentios for his film « MAX ».

a feature film version of “max” is in preparation and should be released in September 2021...

Interview With Mr. Bouhaïk

Q: What is the basic Idea Behind the film?

Mr. Bouhaïk: Worked on denial and a pandemic story

Q: How do you handle the Pre-Production, and Post Production?

Mr. Bouhaïk: For this film I was all alone to manage the production before during and after so a lot of things to do but a real apprenticeship to know the trades of cinema

Q: What do you do to stay calm during Production of the film?

Mr. Bouhaïk: Already I am a rather calm person and I surrounded myself with people that I love to be able to make a film with a good atmosphere.

Q: What sort of stories excites you?

Mr. Bouhaïk: There are too many exciting things i would like to release one movie a month if i could.

Q: Do you think all the good stories have already been made into a movie?

Mr. Bouhaïk: No, and even if a story has already been made, we can always give another point of view

Q: While casting for your film you prefer to cast a well known face or any new face which fit the character?

Mr. Bouhaïk: For me above all it is the human relationship that interests me and the connection between the actor and the director, and I have never looked for a popular actor.

Q: What is the most enjoyable thing about Production of the film?

Mr. Bouhaïk: The adrenaline of the film set

Q: What is the best possible way to promote your film when you are on a tight budget?

Mr. Bouhaïk: The best way to show and test your film is through festivals.

Q: When your next film is coming and what is it about?

Mr. Bouhaïk: I just finished the feature film of Max which is the continuation of the short film.

Q: What advice do you want to give to the new and upcoming filmmakers?

Mr. Bouhaïk: Just work, test, try ... make a mistake, start over, work work and work.


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