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Interview With Niki J. Borger Winner of Cinefern Film Award and Competition

Because I could a Film Written and Directed by Niki J. Borger won Best Women Filmmaker's Film award at Cinefern Film Award and Competition's June 2020.

Because I could Poster

The Film is about Set twenty years in the future, four adults confess their day-to-day climate sins and why they didn't do things any better.

Interview With Niki J. Borger

Q: What is the basic Idea Behind the film?

Niki J. Borger: We all know what we should be doing in order to reduce our ecological footprint. But most of us struggle to actually do it. In my short film “Because I could” I wanted to explore, why that is. By creating awareness, I was hoping to help people ease their way into a more sustainable lifestyle.

Q: How do you handle the Pre-Production, and Post Production?

Niki J. Borger: Not too well to be honest! During pre-production I’m usually quite stressed out, and in post I tend to procrastinate rather than make the necessary decisions. For the most part, I solve these issues by delegating them to people that know better than I do. I firmly believe that having a great team is the best way to making a great film.

Q: What do you do to stay calm during Production of the film?

Niki J. Borger: I make sure that everybody on set really knows their stuff. That way I only have to focus on my part. And if I’m still stressed out, I take a few minutes to just breathe and calm down. I also make sure to meditate every morning before being on set.

Q: What sort of stories excites you?

Niki J. Borger: Since I am primarily an actress, it’s more about the characters than their stories. I am excited about strong, multi-layered and complex characters that find themselves in a situation many people can relate to. Ideally, that situation would be so tricky, that I – as a person watching – wouldn’t know what to do. I’d be excited to see the choices the character makes. And where those choices take her. Genre-wise I like pretty much everything. I love filming comedy as much as horror or a drama. Though action is usually the most fun to me.

Q: Do you think all the good stories have already been made into a movie?

Niki J. Borger: Definitely not! The way we tell stories is evolving faster than ever before. As human race we now understand nuances and depth to human behavior that haven’t been there before. 50 years ago, a male movie character would have fallen for a female because of her beauty. Now we understand that there’s way more going into it and we are able to show it on screen. That way we can tell stories from a whole new perspective. Which makes them new stories, ready to inspire new generations.

Q: While casting for your film you prefer to cast a well known face or any new face which fit the character?

Niki J. Borger: For a short film, I’d definitely go for talent above anything else. For a feature that requires a way bigger budget and has to make its money back, it’s a combination of both. Known faces make a product more marketable. New faces give it an innovative twist that hasn’t been seen before. Ideally, you have both.

Q: What is the most enjoyable thing about Production of the film?

Niki J. Borger: Seeing the audience’s reaction when they watch it. I make movies to move and to inspire. Hence, for me, all production leads up to that point where I get the feedback from a novice audience on how the film resonated with them.

Q: What is the best possible way to promote your film when you are on a tight budget?

Niki J. Borger: Social media and the network you already have. Get your friends and family to watch it. Get the cast and crew’s relatives to watch it. Ask them to share. Interact with other filmmakers online and strive for authentic human connection. I think the more authentic you can be in your excitement about your own film, the more other people will share it.

Q: When your next film is coming and what is it about?

Niki J. Borger: My next directorial project will most probably be a short film called “Words fail”. It’s a drama dealing with loss and separation that I’m planning to film in March 2023. As an actress, I have several TV pilots coming up in the next couple of years.

Q: What advice do you want to give to the new and upcoming filmmakers?

Niki J. Borger: There are reasons or results. Meaning you can either spend your time dwelling on why something isn’t working out or dedicate all your energy to make it happen. Most people do the first. If you want to succeed in the entertainment industry, you have to do the second- exclusively. Make it happen!


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