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Interview With Sreehari Purimetla Winner of Cinefern Film Award and Competition

Alia a Film Written, Directed and Produced by Sreehari Purimetla won Best LGBT Films award at Cinefern Film Award and Competition's September 2019.

Alia Poster

The Film is about A young married mute girl who undergoes domestic violence by her husband and mother everyday. She takes a crucial decision of her life to live with her loved ones.

I am a Hollywood film maker, writer and tech-savvy Video/VFX Editor with excellent time management and organizational skills. I have around 10 years of experience in directing, writing and video editing.

Interview With Sreehari Purimetla

Q: What is the basic Idea Behind the film?

Sreehari Purimetla: I would like to shoot this movie because this story is based on true incidents happening in India. This digs into the concepts such as blind beliefs, domestic violence and freedom to express.

Q: How do you handle the Pre-Production, and Post Production?

Sreehari Purimetla: I just had 4 weeks for prep production which included scheduling, scouting the locations, auditions, costumes, gathering the team and many more. Since it's an independent short I have to take care of every department while prepping in Los Angeles. Once I got the right team, the scripts, storyboard and scheduled documents helped everyone to the clarity of the position they hold on sets.

Q: What do you do to stay calm during Production of the film?

Sreehari Purimetla: We faced lots of problems since the topic was very sensitive. We had to maintain the secrecy of the scenes or story to the people who gathered in every shot. We shot in real locations. We had to take police security to control the crowd. At one scene in the market, we had around 200 to 300 people on location. The team and I made sure we will have proper communication to reduce the mistakes and miscommunications. I insisted the team stop everything until a problem is solved because I felt a wound should be treated immediately then holding it for days to get treated. I also meditated for an hour before going on sets which helped me to increase my calmness on sets.

Q: What sort of stories excites you?

Sreehari Purimetla: I am not particular with any sorts of genres or topics. I always love stories which are engaging and gripping. It can be romantic, drama, suspense or thriller. I always love dark comedies.

Q: Do you think all the good stories have already been made into a movie?

Sreehari Purimetla: Yes,

I do not say just good stories but most of the stories have already been made somewhere by someone in some part of this world. Having said that, the way a story can be interpreted by some director or story teller is different from each person in a small way or bigger way. Any story is not small or big its the way we interpret it and make our audience understand make the effect of the film bigger or small.

Q: While casting for your film you prefer to cast a well known face or any new face which fit the character?

Sreehari Purimetla: It depends, sometimes I write a story having a well known face in my mind and I don't feel anyone could fit into that role. But mostly I choose characters who can fit into the story or who can portray the characters well. I always love working with new people because you never know the surprises you can discover while shooting.

Q: What is the most enjoyable thing about Production of the film?

Sreehari Purimetla: I love every step of the production of the film. I mostly love shooting because I feel everything we do or prepare for that one day which is shoot day. The extra joy comes when I finish the shot or scene like how I imagined when writing a script. Wrapping up the shoot on time is cherry on cake.

Q: What is the best possible way to promote your film when you are on a tight budget?

Sreehari Purimetla: Through amazing film festivals around the world because the people who come for film festivals are the best audience for any indie filmmaker or any upcoming directors. These film festivals also give a huge platform to promote films and also to encourage new talent of diverse cultures and traditions across the globe. 

Q: When your next film is coming and what is it about?

Sreehari Purimetla: I am working on a web series for a big production house in India. It is promoted by Amazon prime. It is a big project with elite A list actors and technicians. I am very happy to be part of this amazing team. Once I finish this project, I will be working on my film which is promoted by NETFLIX.

Q: What advice do you want to give to the new and upcoming filmmakers?

Sreehari Purimetla: Be grounded, Be humble, Be patience and never leave a chance to work hard.

I feel any creative field is like walking on a rope. You can walk on that rope with your hard work, patience and humility. When you feel you achieved enough or neglect the basic characteristics of being humane. You will lose balance and fall from that rope.


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