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January 2019 - Official Selection

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

Cine Fern Online Film Festival is Happy to announce the Official Selection films of the Month January 2019.

Each month, our team selects the winners through private screenings. Which are nominated for Film of the Month award. All finalists will qualify for the annual festival.(Once a year, in May, we showcase the top rated short films online.)

Short Films

Whispers of a Red Rose | Aniez Atlas

BREAK | Enrique Batiste

Trapped | Mohamed Maged

The Health Racket | Fabian Cardenas

Just A Beer | Glenn Doyle, Suzanne Naughton

L-P-D-M | Nawal Kaffouf

Only You & Me | SB Gamble

Antidote | Pierre & Max

Black Sheep Short Film | Andrea Crow Gibson , Dallas Gibson

Your Loving, Virginia | Casey Schoch

Dream Come True | Robbie Barnes

Light Matter | Virgil Widrich

Antonio Norales: Garifuna Guardian | Walker Simon

Identity Theft | Michael Davis

Animation Films


The Spirit Seam | Ashley Gerst

Documentary Films

Beautiful, Diverse, Fun! | Eduardo Ramirez

The Uganda Project | Robert Fritz, Reint Bakema

Chatter Box- Cornhusker Hero | Donald Dodge

My Name is Joan | Margaret Stapor Costa

LUTAH A Passion for Architecture: A Life in Design | Kum-Kum Bhavnani

ART | Dan Balchen

The Club That No One Wants to Belong To -- A Family Stuggles & the Widow Bitch | David Grewe

Mestre Bessa (EN) | Pedro Nogueira

Music Video

The Daydreamer | Michael Tracy

Dan’s Leg: The Music Video | Dan Smith

King of Norway | Götz Raimund

Over. Above. Beyond. | Steve Cachero

Issa Vibe | Phil Jaycob & King Ketelby James

Web Series

Case Management EP3 | Levi A Otis & Shadow Dragu-Mihai


Word War V Episode 1 | Jasuia Render

LGBT Films

Beautiful, Diverse, Fun! | Eduardo Ramirez

One Minute Short Film

Selfie Shots | Michael Tracy


Dark ages: Rise of Charlemagne | Alex Zarfati II


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