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September 2019 - Official Selection

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

Cine Fern Online Film Festival is Happy to announce the Official Selection films of the Month September 2019.

Each month, our team selects the winners through private screenings. Which are nominated for Film of the Month award. All finalists will qualify for the annual festival.(Once a year, in May, we showcase the top rated short films online.)

Short Films

A Smile Away | Florian VELASCO

Ephemerality | Filipe Piteira

THE BOMB | Bob Jones

THE NORMANS | Maurice Micallef

The Ceased | Brian Stynes

Trust Exercise | Vilma Kartalska

Corners | Michael Ricci

Psychic Z | Akiyoshi Koba

Nasty Girls | Aniez Atlas, Dermot Arrigan

NextQueenMoon | Raisa Munir

Clean Up on Aisle Nine (Director's Cut) | Derrick J. Johnson

The Skye Siblings: Paranormal Hunters | Joshua Ortiz

Blaze Beat Jitters | Nicholas F Lavachek

Land of the Little People (Animation) | Guy Quigley

Waterless | Marc I. Daniels

Dream for Happiness | Irina Velichkova

Faithless | Wesley Ward

Pool Day | Patti Price

Animation Films

shadowland | bellopropello

The astronaut's journal | Marina Belikova

Icons | Ronnie Cramer

Documentary Films

THE NORMANS | Maurice Micallef

Noble Inc: 10 Years | Paul Brenno

Troublemaker | Jason C. Wilson

Music Video

1960 | Carlos López

Rhythm of Life | Sam Paul

Wonderful Mother Mary | Alexander James

... for mothers and children... | Jose Padilha

Cherie Berry | Patti Price

Web Series

Whitey Web Series | Donald Watson

UNTIL DAWN - Yin Chapitre | Mr. Bouhaïk

LGBT Films

DIMITRI | Marino Baciga

Alia | Sreehari Purimetla & Adithya Joshi

THE BREATH OF CELIA | MIguel Angel Barrroso

One Minute Short Films

"Not Enough Entries"


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