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January 2019 - Winners

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

Cine Fern Online Film Festival is Happy to announce the Winner films of the Month January 2019.

Each month, our team selects the winners through private screenings. Which are nominated for Film of the Month award. All finalists will qualify for the annual Live Online festival.(Once a year, in May, we showcase the top rated short films online.)

Best Short Films

  • Identity Theft | Michael Davis

Best Animation Films

  • The Spirit Seam | Ashley Gerst

Best Documentary Films

  • The Uganda Project | Robert Fritz, Reint Bakema

Best Music Video

  • King of Norway | Götz Raimund

Best Web Series

  • NEW WORLD | Amingo THORA

Best One Minute Short Film

  • 2FACES | Amingo THORA

Best LGBT Films

  • Beautiful, Diverse, Fun! | Eduardo Ramirez

Best Director

  • Antidote | Pierre & Max

Best Screenplay

  • Your Loving, Virginia | Casey Schoch

Best Editor

  • Whispers of a Red Rose | Concealed Resonances

Best Cinematography

  • Trapped | Mohamed Maged


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